Wood Resources International LLC

Global Forest Industry and Forest Resource Consulting

Wood Resources International LLC (WRI), an internationally recognized forest industry consulting firm established in 1987, has successfully completed more than 200 consulting assignments in over 35 countries worldwide. The company is committed to continuing its international consulting services to the paper and wood products industries by focusing on its area of expertise: on-site evaluations of forest resources, raw material flows (logs and wood chips), forest products trade, wood cost outlook (pulpwood prices and sawlog prices) and forest industry developments worldwide. Primary regions of focus include North America, Europe (including Russia ), China and the plantation forestry sector in the Southern Hemisphere : Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

In addition to consulting assignments, we also prepare client-specific pulpwood price and sawlog price reports for specific markets both globally and regionally.

Global Pulpwood and Sawlog Price Reports

Wood Resources International also publishes two quarterly timber price reports tracking the delivered wood costs on a North American(The North American Wood Fiber Review), and international (Wood Resource Quarterly)basis. Subscriptions to these reports are offered annually which includes the ability to download the reports in PDF format from this website. These publications permit clients to benchmark their woodchips, pulpwood and sawlog prices against an industry standard. WRI's long history of wood cost trends has proven itself useful to many planners and strategists in the forest industry. Subscriptions to these log market reports are offered on an annual basis and include the ability to download the reports in PDF format from this website.

The two log market reports are read and used in strategic decision-making by forest industry analysts in over 20 countries.

WRI has Clients Worldwide

WRI has conducted consulting projects predominantly for clients in the private sector worldwide, but also for multiple organizations such as the World Bank, the EU Commission, FAO, WWF, IIED, AF&PA and USAID, to name a few. Our company uses a flexible network of highly qualified consultants based in many countries, which allows us to respond to clients' information needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Please take a few moments to tour our website to review WRI's log markets reports, market commentaries, consulting projects and conference presentations, and feel free to contact us to discuss how we can best assist with your forest resource, forest industry and wood market information needs.